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Equine fitness tracking from KER

The KER ClockIt Sport App and equine heart monitor have really reinvented the way I look at fitness. Being able to monitor my horses’ heart rate in day-to-day activities has given me a much better understanding of how much I am asking from my horses and how to build up their fitness level.

Dr. Joe Pagan, president of Kentucky Equine Research, will present findings from a study that tracked the training programs of dozens of three-day event horses and racehorses. This seminar is sure to be useful to anyone with an interest in training of any type of sport horse or racehorse.

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Tuesday, April 21
Fasig-Tipton, Lexington, Ky.
5 p.m.

"KER leads the way in nutrition and exercise research for horses. It is such a quality company in everything it does, and I think this new fitness app will revolutionize the way we monitor our horses' fitness programs and treat them as the athletes they really are."

KER ClockIt: Measuring Equine Fitness


Training and coaching

Fitness evaluator

At its most basic level, KER ClockIt allows riders and trainers to track their horses' accumulated mileage, see workout summaries, and understand how their programs compare to others.

Use the associated heart rate monitor to track how an individual horse's fitness improves over time. KER ClockIt translates heart rate data into an easy-to-understand visual chart.

Trainers and students can create, assign, and complete workout programs for their horses. Professional horsemen can monitor large stables remotely, with custom reports on each horse.

About KER

Serious science goes into everything KER does, from its consultation with horse owners and feed manufacturers to its own product line. KER develops and patents products and diagnostic techniques that target specific problems in both growing horses and performance horses. For more than 25 years, KER has bridged the gap between equine nutrition and exercise physiology researchers, feed manufacturers, and horsemen. We’re the people the U.S. Equestrian Team, Olympians, and World Equestrian Games champions trust to feed their horses—and we’re here to help with yours as well.

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Caroline Martin
NAJYRC Individual and Team Gold Medalist

Buck Davidson
KER-affiliated equestrian


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